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Our Commitment to Sustainability

99% of raw materials from renewable natural resources

We are FSC® (C128113) certified, with wood from responsibily managed European forests. We are the Italian chair maker that uses the largest amount of water-based finishes. More than 70% of the packaging used consists of recycled material and is 100% recyclable.

100% of solar power used

We generate more solar power than required for the production of our Palma and Origins1971 brands. The workplaces are heated thanks to wood leftover from the production process. Water used in the production process is treated as a precious resource. Over 80% of the waste produced is recovered and recycled.

Our employees work in a safe way and have more rights than those set out in Italian work contracts.The key principle of our Ethical Code is mutual respect between employees, suppliers and customers, together with rejecting and reporting all forms of discrimination or harassment.

Our products are designed and built for intensive use and to have a long life. Our supply chain safety management system is ISO 28000 certified.